Turn of the Century Into the Blend

To Whom It May Concern

By Jerry Rizzi

Down a desolate isolated roadway
Near old rusty railroad tracks, Where trains still run,
And off to the to side of a rather busy freeway
In full view stands an old abandoned structure

That once was a new beginning
A family gathering
A Home

Secrets & Stories loom behind a loose, though still upright, door
Wanting to be told while some wanting to remain silent

Window panes with broken stained glass on windowsills,
Grasping, as if for dear life to stay attached
Once the place where children would always run to looking, starring out the windows in anticipation of the arrival, of perhaps a relative, a family friend

A Crumbling porch A broken stairwell
A deck though chipped and weather stained still stands
A torn Roof A mailbox & post just outside of a half downed fence still in-tacked
Dreams forgotten, Broken promises, Dreams fulfilled, Words that did hold true

A freight train passes and as it continues into the distance
The engine's cord is pulled and the horn is sounded.
As if to an ending of a symphonic suite
with a french horn playing a single reoccurring lingering note
as it slowly fades, slowly fades

Work In Progress


"To Whom It May Concern"


Projected CD release in January 2012

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